What is Grout? Benefits and features of applying Grout on Roof Tiles

When applying new tiles on the home, Have to cover the spaces between the tiles? What process to fill the spaces? Need to fill the grout in newly installed tiles. If grouting methods didn’t apply means, it might cause some problems like cracking on the floor, water stains, etc.  

Usually, Grout is useful for filling the gap between the tiles, protection against mould and mildew, and prevents a crack from the thermal barrier.

Benefits of filling grout:

– Water Resistant

– Mould and Mildew Resistant

– Easy to Clean

– Last Longer

Water Resistant:

Applying grout on the floor and surface is an advantage for water existing areas likes bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool, etc. After the grout installs,  it forms a waterproof seal and can absorb water.

Mould and Mildew Resistant:

In title areas, the mould and mildew are most frequently exists. How to Clean Mold and Mildew? Use a scrubbing brush and clean the tiles with grouts, the result will show as mould resistance once you’ve applied.

Easy to Clean:

After applying grout on the tiles, the grout between the tiles looks dirty and messy. Don’t Annoy! It can be easily able to clean the tiles and bring back the brand new titles again.

Last Longer:

Another useful thing for applying grout between the tiles. Doesn’t require any exchange and sealing, it can exist life long without causing any damage and discoloured.

Insulla Fill-o-Grout (Cool Roof Tiles Grout) offers high structural strength to the Cool Roof tiles joints and prevents cracks from thermal expansion and contraction of the building.

JAPEVA® ENGINEERING PVT.LTD., Incorporate in 2011, is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified – family-owned company, leading manufacturer & supplier of Innovative Construction Chemicals & Building Materials and protective insulation Roofing Products.

Install Insulla Fill-O-Grout on your Roof Tiles: https://bit.ly/2SL8awb

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