JAPEVA® ENGINEERING PVT.LTD., Incorporate in 2011, is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified – family-owned company, leading manufacturer & supplier of Innovative Construction Chemicals & Building Materials and protective insulation Roofing Products. 

Our continued investment in technology, R & D work and emphasis on quality control contributes to our producing the most unique and highest quality Precast Innovative products like 100% eco-friendly INSULLA®- Cool Roof Tiles & COOLON™ – Cool Roof Coating. Our commitment to work and involvement in innovation has been well received by the public and appreciated by many. We are backed by technologies, academicians and National Laboratories with experienced technical expertise.


  1. Cool Roof Tiles
  2. Coolon – Cool Roof Coating
  3. Fill-O-Grout


– Cool Roof Tiles & Coatings

  • VAST EXPERIENCE  –  50 +Years Experienced Roof Experts
  • TUV-ISO CERTIFIED –  An ISO 9001:2008 Certified by TUV-Singapore
  • IGBC MEMBER  –  IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) Certified Member
  • BMTPC APPROVED  –  Manufacturers Of India’s First BMTPC Approved Roof Products.
  • SHELL LIME TECHNOLOGY  –  Manufacturers Of World’s First Advanced Shell Lime Technology Products.
  • AWARDS WINNER  –  Innovative Product Manufacturer Award Winner for Past 6 years.
  • HIGHEST EXPORTER  –  Highest Indian Exporter For Cool Roof Tiles / Cool Roof Coatings.
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