High-Temperature Heat Resistant Coating Service Chennai | Insulla

Heat resistant is somewhat like protecting the humans and the buildings from the high rate of sun rays and reflection that affects both human and the residence as well. How did you get rid of high-temperature reflection? High-Temperature Coating is a series based on functional silicone coating provides excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and high colour retention. Where it gives excel protection in harsh environments and reduces heat by reflecting towards backwards and accepts back less rate of heat for consumption.

Heat Resistant Service.jpg

Japeva Group Of Company owns a brand known as Insulla with high-quality Cool Roof Tiles and Coating for residential and industry-based solutions to get the standard benefit of reducing a high temperature. Japeva Engineering is a certified member of Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) has a passion for providing “GO GREEN” Building material products to mankind by protecting the mother nature.

Service Details:

  1. Application Methods of Coating Spray – Thermal Spray
  2. Types Of Coating – Waterproof Roof Coating
  3. Heat Resistant Coatings – Aluminium Paint

Insulla is committed to achieving ever increasing levels of customer satisfaction through continual improvements to the WORLD CLASS QUALITY of the products and services with the involvement of our entire internal customer.

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